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The logo or business face of "Summit Learning Institute, LLC"

Summit Learning Institute, LLC

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Summit Learning Institute® is an EdTech company that provides an online learning gateway to help students and adult learners develop the skills, mindset, and sense of agency to take ownership of their life while in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. We offer quality professional online courses, coaching, and learning solutions in the areas of Empowerment Learning, Career Development, and Leadership Development.Summit Learning Institute® employs Empowerment Learning Methodology to help people gain a sense of agency in achieving their personal and professional goals through the provision of online tools, resources, courses, and coaching. Our work takes inspiration from Paulo Freire’s empowerment education theory that focuses on helping people build their capacity to develop and/or change their behaviors and ultimately realize positive and self-sustaining social and economic outcomes. educational institutions, and community-based organizations (CBOs).We customize, design, and develop L&D Solutions for businesses, educational institutions, and community-based organizations.[R&D]: data science, quantitative/qualitative analysis, experimental design (RCT) / quasi studies, A/B and UAT testing, instrumentation, reporting, UX research protocol development, data collection, regression, classification, clustering, KPIs[Program / Project Management]: risk management, stakeholder management, quality assurance, task management, cost control and budgeting, CRM, launch and localization management, agile / waterfall strategy, customer success, PeopleOps, DataOps and business tools (e.g., dashboards, SOWs, BRDs, roadmaps, project plans, risk management, thought partner leadership, etc.)[L&D]: learning architecture, course and curriculum dev, learning strategy dev, certification and digital badges, people Ops/Dev, strategy execution, L&D strategy, continuous learning and dev, LMS management, success metrics, professional services


Summit Learning Institute, LLC is a company that conducts business online.

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